The third album from Jenni Dale Lord Band is a stunner. There is a comforting familiarity to the music, even on first listen; this is the kind of artist that will make a new fan out of you when you weren’t looking. Reboot has a lyrical style that conveys well with JDL’s vocals and effortlessly finds a spot in the corner of your brain. It’s easy to fall in love with its varying degrees of honky-tonk and folky Americana. With lyrical content that feels like it was written from the corner booth of a low-lit down-and-outer bar, this one will hit you right in your country soft spot.  



Released: April 20, 2018

Track list:

  1. A New Me
  2. Out of the Blue
  3. Cigarettes and Alcohol
  4. Feel This Way
  5. I Think He Still Loves Me
  6. Getting Better
  7. Got Time?
  8. That Song
  9. Smile
  10. Beautiful Eyes
  11. Willie (I’ll Drink to That)


Vocals & acoustic guitar: Jenni Dale Lord
Drums: JT Paz and Steven Anderson
Percussion: Gunner Driver
Electric guitar: Brian Duhan, Steve Lott, and John Hartin
Steel guitar: Lloyd Maines
Resonator guitar: Steve Lott
Electric bass guitar: JT Paz and Andrew Mason
Stand-up bass: Sean Frankhouser
Piano and Rhodes: Amy Faris
Organ: Johnny Keys
Fiddle and Mandolin: Kyle Aaron
Background vocals: Danny Cadra and Wayne Sisson

Produced by Scott Faris
Engineered by Scott Faris and Gunner Driver
Recorded and mixed at Amusement Park Recording Studio, Lubbock, TX
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, New York City, NY

Artwork by Aero Gallerie, Reynoldsville, PA
Photography by Tonja Hagy-Valdine, Lubbock, TX