Free Whiskey


The second album by Jenni Dale Lord Band features a metric ton of talent. The sheer musicianship is genuinely impressive, from the rock-solid full-time members to the collective genius of the guests. It’s so polished and professional that every song should be on the radio. The arrangements are just as simple or as complex as they need to be to suit each song style perfectly. The songwriting itself is, as always, infused with gentleness, playfulness, sensuality, and genuine soulfulness. The performance is as good as any of the live shows, which is saying a lot because every show is a memorable experience. Individually, each song represents the great diversity in Americana, and collectively the album defines the genre.



Released: September 30, 2016

Track list:

  1. Free Whiskey
  2. Back There Again
  3. Someone to Believe
  4. Me and My Brother
  5. When I Drink
  6. Already Gone (feat. Joe Ely)
  7. Predictable (Here It Goes)
  8. I Need a Broken Heart
  9. Country Rock and Roll
  10. Find the Words
  11. Trust
  12. Where Are You Now
  13. Being Me


Vocals & acoustic guitar: Jenni Dale Lord
Drums & percussion: Bucky Broadus
Electric, resonator, and acoustic guitars: Steve Lott
Bass guitar: Andrew Mason
Background Vocals: Dustin Garrett, Steve Lott, Andrew Mason, & Scott Faris
Fiddle & mandolin: Kyle Aaron
Piano and Rhodes: Amy Faris
Organ: Todd Caldwell
Steel guitar: Lloyd Maines
Cello: Jeremy Couture
Violin: Lauren Pokorzynski
Accordian: Wade McNutt
Percussion: Tony Garcia
String and horn arranging: Amy Faris

Produced by Scott Faris
Engineered by Scott Faris and Gunner Driver
Joe Ely’s engineer: Don Boles
Recorded and mixed at Amusement Park Recording Studio, Lubbock, TX
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, New York City, NY

Artwork by Scott Faris, Faris Wheel Productions
Photography by Abby Reed Photography, Lubbock, TX