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Where Jenni Dale Lord separates herself from a crowded pack is sheer attitude and confidence in her material and that comes back to the West Texas roots. She’s brash but not cocky. She can deliver the ‘cheap motel’ pulp novel score ‘Free Whiskey’ with a sweet innocence that’s almost humorous and entirely believable and then flip to an all-to-familiar relationship gone bad saga like ‘Already Gone’ with ease. Melodic songs with tight, biting lyrics delivered with power, confidence and woman-in-charge chutzpah…gotta love that!   
Bill Hurley

Bridge the Beats Magazine

Texas Americana with a kick. That’s how I would describe the new album “Never Let Go” by the Jenni Dale Lord Band. To start with, the songwriting is superb. The lyrics are real and tangible, they spin emotions right into the music. Jenni has a razor sharp voice and a great ear for phrasing. Not only is she a great singer, she knows how to sing a song and connect with the listener. The new single “There We Were” is out now (featuring Kent Mings), it’s a hit that will get stuck in your head and have you singing along. I am partial to the title cut “Never Let Go,” that’s the one I have on repeat at the moment. The lovely lady from Lubbock delivers big time with this CD, pick it up and thank me later!
Kenny Graves
Bridge the Beats Magazine

Hub City Music

There is an element of pure country in Jenni Dale’s music, but her songwriting and performances are an amalgam of country, rock, blues, folk, and more, making her style unique and all her own… She IS going places, and fast … I was listening to her CD, and I was thinking how “Willie” has “monster hit” written all over it. It’s catchy, clever, and there’s not a wasted word or note in the whole song.
Paul Johnson
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