Sometimes a Girl Needs the Blues


If Jenni’s last album was written from the booth of a dusty dive bar, this one was written from a clawfoot bathtub by candlelight. It feels more mature, more painful at times, but with dignity. Starting the album with the title track is the perfect foreshadowing of what is to come: an album written by a woman who knows herself rather than a girl still trying to figure it out. Beautiful through and through.



Released: June 23, 2020

Track List

  1. Sometimes a Girl Needs the Blues
  2. I Had a Feeling
  3. When You Go
  4. Who Loves Me
  5. Next to You
  6. Still
  7. All Along
  8. One Day
  9. He Loves Me More
  10. The Bottle
  11. Go Do You
  12. Lover Don’t Leave
  13. Confused


Produced by Scott Faris.
Engineered by Scott Faris, Gunner Driver, Christopher Reynolds, and Derek Bohl
Mixed by Scott Faris, Gunner Driver, and Christopher Reynolds
Recorded and mixed at Amusement Park Recording Studio, Lubbock, TX
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian and Kevorkian Mastering, NYC
Graphic Design by Scott Faris, Band Photography by Carley Du Menil-Martinez
Hair & Makeup: Anicia Harriman – Faux Real Hair Design Studio

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Jenni Dale Lord
Electric Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Michael Cano
Bass Guitar: Curt Hyden
Drums & Percussion: Gunner Driver
Grand Piano, Organ, and Rhodes: Aaron Dick
Backing Vocals: Jenni Dale Lord, Curt Hyden, & Aaron Dick
Grand Piano: Amy Faris
Cello: Jen Mulhern AKA Jenuine Cello

Piano and Strings Arranging for Confused: Amy Faris
Who Loves Me written by Amy Faris/BMI. Used by permission.
Remaining Songs written by Jenni Dale Lord/BMI.

Copyright 2023 Jenni Dale Lord Band. All rights reserved.