The Texas Music Charts

“Crazy” by Jenni Dale Lord Band has recently been picked up by several Texas Country Music stations and programming. The more you request “Crazy,” the higher the band moves up the charts. So request it today! And if your station is not on the list, request “Crazy” anyway, and let’s get them to pick up the new single. IRCountry –… Read more →

107.1 KPUR The Armadillo in Amarillo

Hey, Amarillo and surrounding areas! You want to hear the new single by Jenni Dale Lord Band? Message request “Crazy” on 107.1 KPUR Armadillo’s Facebook page, and DJ extraordinaire Craig Vaughn will play it. You can stream it online, too, so request no matter where you are. Annnnnnnnnd GO! Read more →

The Borderline w JR @ KLLL

JR and JDL discuss music, family, and beverages in this episode of The Borderline. Check it out. Also listen to Borderline Live w JR to hear “Crazy” by Jenni Dale Lord Band. Don’t forget to call in and request it! Read more →

Rebels, Rednecks, & Rock N Roll – Melbourne, Australia

Check out this interview all the way from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Jenni Dale Lord chats with the host of the Rebels, Rednecks, & Rock N Roll radio program, Roger Lloyd. Thanks, Casey Radio 97.7 for playing Willie, There We Were, & Brick on your station. Sounds like it’s time to go abroad! Read more →