“Jenni Dale Lord Band dropped a new album … and it’s a stunner. There is a comforting familiarity to her music, even on first listen; this is the kind of artist that will make a new fan out of you when you weren’t looking. Jenni Dale is one that just spits out earworm after earworm. Each of her albums has a distinctly different sound, and while I enjoy them all, ‘Reboot’ has a lyrical style that conveys well with her vocals and effortlessly finds a spot in the corner of my brain. 

‘Reboot’ came in under the radar for me; I was turned onto Jenni’s current radio single, but I gravitated to her new album almost immediately, falling in love with its varying degrees of honky-tonk and folky Americana. With lyrical content that feels like it was written from the corner booth of a low-lit down-and-outer bar, this one will hit you right in your country soft spot. “ 

-Douglas Palmer, IOUMusic.net