Jenni Dale Lord (2012)

Jenni Dale Lord

“This album is an insta-purchase for anyone who loves music from West Texas. The flavors of the area are captured well and mixed with a level of [...]
Never Let Go (2014)

Never Let Go

“Texas Americana with a kick. That’s how I would describe the new album “Never Let Go” by the Jenni Dale Lord Band. To start with, the songwriting is [...]

Free Whiskey

“Since Free Whiskey is the work of the band that bears Jenni Dale Lord’s name, and since she wrote every song on the disc, I tip my hat to Jenni for [...]
Reboot (2018)


“Jenni Dale Lord Band dropped a new album … and it’s a stunner. There is a comforting familiarity to her music, even on first listen; this is the kind of [...]